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Fairy Tail Tale: Firebird Priestess (2012)

Fairy Tail Tale: Firebird Priestess (2012) - So, Fairy Tail returned from the islet, in the past, a nation of fire sealed a terrible monster, intending to completely burn the world. Phoenix was not distinguished by a sense of compassion, he tried to destroy everyone in a row, but was soon neutralized. 
Fairy Tail Tale: Firebird Priestess (2012)
They imposed special seals, it was not worth hoping for release - he was placed in a small pebble, divided into two equal parts. After all, calm times came, but suddenly the remaining representatives of the fire attacked the kingdom of Fiore. The prince here wanted during the celebration of the bicentennial, to connect the pebbles, to free the villain.

Thus, he was going to become the owner of an immortal life, confidently moving towards the goal. The surviving Eclair was able to save a half, went to the forest to find the Sorcerer. She intended to ask him to eliminate the enemy forever so that he no longer appeared on earth. 

But the ruler ordered the girl to be returned, sent his subjects for her and got his way. The magicians turned out to be strong, the first skirmish ended successfully - they stole a fearless damsel. Have Fairy Tail defeated the evil, its adherents, saved the universe? What did you have to overcome on the way, what to face in the process of difficult battles ...?

Other name: Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess / Gekijouban Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko
Release year: 2012
Genre: Adventure ,
Type: Movie
Director: Fujimori Masaya

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