Jumat, 21 Februari 2020

'Touken Ranbu' browser game also gets the smartphone version!

Following in the footsteps of the  Kantai Collection which began to pave the way to the world of  smartphones ,  Touken Ranbu, which was originally a browser game, was   also prepared to enter the mobile world  . This game is available at the  2015 Tokyo Game Show for those who want to try playing the demo version.

At present, the mobile version of the game  will be called Touken Ranbu Pocket , and the game is seen in a number of Android-based cellphones at  DMM  's booth . Here are some pictures of the appearance of the Touken Ranbu Pocket game  at the  Tokyo Game slot online Show .

The adaptation of this game for  smartphones is reinforced by announcements on the official website . In this site, it has also been written that this game will be available both for PCs, Google Play for Android-based phones, will also be available on the App Store for iPhone users. Also available is the PC Download option   which seems to indicate that  TouRan will also be a PC program.

The visitors who come to the  booth will also get a limited edition paper fan that is only distributed as many as 3,000 sheets each day. Visitors will also get a  special serial code that can be exchanged for  special items .

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