Selasa, 03 Maret 2020

Akatsuki and Naruto Run on Twitter Timeline

This afternoon, the line of time is suddenly crowded with Naruto themes . There are Akatsuki, Kunai and several other terms. The causes are various.

The trending topic of Twitter Indonesia this afternoon, Thursday (10/10/2019) is still enlivened by the stabbing incident of the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security, Wiranto . But besides that, there are several names from Naruto comics and films that are also trending.

Akatsuki and Naruto Run on Twitter Timeline

In position 3 trending topic is Akatsuki, this is a criminal group from the Naruto comics. Naruto's own name is in the trending topic position 4. While Kunai is in position 12.

The chat about Akatsuki is from Naruto fans abroad, they are confused why Akatsuki is trending. But it seems that makes trending because many Twitter users in Indonesia equate the stabbing perpetrators with the Akatsuki group, which is indeed a kind of terrorist organization from the ninja world in Naruto's story.

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