Selasa, 03 Maret 2020

One Piece' Turn Adapted to Novel

 In addition to the stories ' Naruto ' and 'Bleach' which will be adapted into novels, Viz Media also announced other publications. Now it's 'One Piece' turn to be released in May 2020.

Entitled 'One Piece: Ace's Story (One Piece Novel "A"), the story is set about Luffy's brother, Ace, who goes on an adventure exploring the ocean. Indeed, Luffy is not the main character in the adaptation of the novel this time.

Reporting from various sources, the story will tell the origin of Luffy's foster brother, Ace. But Luffy's thrilling adventure to find treasure remained slipped.

One Piece' Turn Adapted to Novel
One Piece

The novel was written by Shō Hinata. Previously he had written the series 'One Piece' in September 2017. Shueisa also published two volumes of books compiled into stories in April and June 2018.

During this time the story of 'One Piece' which was packaged into a manga by Eiichiro Oda received praise for the storyline, pictures, characterization, and humor. Several volumes of this manga have broken the publishing record, including the highest initial printout of any book in Japan.

The official website for the manga 'One Piece' by Eiichiro Oda announced that the manga had won the Guinness World Record for the category of 'most copies published for the same comic book series by a single writer'.

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